Evaluating the effectiveness of Agent Networks in driving financial inclusion in Africa

Valentine Obi, CEO, eTranzact

What are Agent Networks?

Overview of the problem of financial inclusion in Africa: how nearly half of Africa’s adult population are underbanked/unbanked.

Why Agent Banking is the most effective way to solve financial inclusion in Africa: benefits of an effective agent network for the unbanked, financial service providers (FSPs), and African economies.

Review the expectations of Agent Banking in solving the problem of financial inclusion.

Evaluate the countries where Agent Banking is bringing about financial inclusion (like Kenya & Ghana), and where the results are yet to materialise (like Nigeria).

Explore the case studies (Ghana and Nigeria): the policies & strategies they put in place, their successes and bottlenecks.

Drawing from our experience in launching PocketMoni:

  • The impact of regulations: what proposed laws would most effectively impact on Agent Network effectiveness.
  • The role of private sector players: where private sector investments can best be channelled for increased Returns on Investment (ROI).
  • Leveraging the local entrepreneurial spirit at the grass roots: how local entrepreneurs are allowed to innovate, based on their communities’ unique needs and preferences.

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